Why I got here from there!

Welcome Fellow Peacemakers!

I love talking about what I believe Peace means, but you deserve to know why it matters to me personally. Partially because I care about you and partially because I believe that telling our stories helps others envision their own ways in. My story is one filled with privilege, joy, and a lot of challenge. I had a wonderful family and childhood. In those times, I grew a trusting and reaching heart.

I grew up in a faith tradition that was healthy and formative for me. I was always a child who worried about fairness — since no one had taught me about equity — and I grew into an adult who continued to pay attention to what worked and what didn’t in societies. I traveled a bit and I began to understand how other communities made sense of things and built deeper relationships. As a young adult I lived in New York City and wept as AIDS ravaged my community of friends and despaired of the world’s response. That deepened my understanding and commitment to acting on my deepest values. Although I have left my faith tradition of origin, I am still seeking the beliefs that support my soul. My journey enabled me to see the places where things worked and didn’t for different groups of people.

I married a complicated and larger-than-life man. One of the great gifts of our marriage were his two amazing daughters and their families. Both my grandchildren are a quarter Chinese. My niece married a man from Kenya, her children are mixed race. A picture of a dear friend from college with her beautiful, bouncing, black baby boys in fuzzy slippers jarred me into action. I read and took workshops in racism and other isms. I was challenged, and I accepted the challenge to become an activist for the work of a Just world.

Today, I’m a Priestess and Peacemaker. I’m a different kind of activist — one that is perhaps not what most understand as activist, but one fiercely committed to change for the better. I’m a thealogian (which is to say, I find my deepest meaning in relationship with the Divine Feminine.). There will be more about what Peacemaking means to me in a later blog. However, in my Peacemaking is both the obligation and the privilege to care for and about the world, critters, creatures, planet, and all. Another crucial component of this is deepening and celebrating my relationship with my own health, well-being and joy. What is your story that leads to your deepest values?

Peace, Shalom, Salaam. Blessed be.