Your Beliefs: Where Your Heart Rests

At some point in your very young life, you believed in something wholeheartedly. It might have been your parents, the Divine, Santa Claus, Fairies, Trees, or Magic. Probably it was a heady elixir of all those things.

Hopefully you learned as you grew that they perhaps were not as omnipotent as you had thought… at that point, you began seeking other places your heart might be safe. All too often, someone takes it upon themselves to let us know that one or many of these entities were, shall we say, not as powerful as we had hoped.

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The Call: Hearing Your Heart’s Whisper

February 1st celebrates the seeds of the next section of our lives. In addition to its celebration of the light and the first new agricultural babies of the year, and the milk their mothers let down, in earlier times it was also a season of initiation. After several days of fasting and meditating, initiates would emerge from cells to claim their place in the community and the gifts they would share. 

This makes this a particularly important week to consider your “call.” What is a call? I believe it is the thing the longing to do the one thing you are best equipped to do, the thing, which when undertaken, is not a chore to develop, and even when challenging, makes you know you are using you gifts to their deepest abilities. You’re where you belong to be, doing what you need to do.

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