How I got here from there!

Hello, my dears, my name is Ann Keeler Evans, I’m the Peacemaker and the Priestess and I’m in. Finally. At last. Here we are. Together.

What is Peace, you ask? Well, for the purposes of our conversations, this is what I know Peace to be:

  • Peace is embracing the sacredness of existence, of the planet and all its creatures, accepting our responsibility to live in awareness and joy.
  • Peace is being who you are, using your gifts and talents to their greatest strengths, making alliances with those who are doing the same.
  • Peace is making connections across our differences, and binding them with our similarities. Each of us is alive, grateful, and beautiful. Peace is each of us being truly ourselves and making space for others to be who they truly are.

It is likely that the last paragraph of my blog posts will always be something like this: How am I, how are you, how are we creating Peace in a world in desperate need of our love and our Joy? Believing in rituals of goodbye I offer:

  • May you inhale Peace, discovering how the peace in the world already works to fill your heart…
  • May you hold Peace, recognizing what it feels like to be completely full of Peace.
  • May you exhale Peace, knowing that your work is to help the world make connections of similarity and bridges across differences.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam. Blessed be.

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