Success! I Found the Joy!

It was not my intention to write this week’s blog as a follow up to last week’s. But then there were those November Days — which were late Summer/early Autumn days — completely out of season in which I braved the chilly waters of the lake at Half Way Dam and water walked. Twice. Such Joy, even as I had to dance around in order to catch the Sun and not become too chilly as the Sun sets earlier in the mountains and casts a shadow on the lake.

Later that evening, a full Moon rose in a clear, still light sky. I walked past a couple sitting outside a restaurant and laughed with them in recognition that they’d gotten the Moonside table. They’d had no idea it was a Full Moon that night. It will probably be the last night they’ll sit outside to eat until the other side of Winter. They’d even put their phones down to observe and appreciate this month’s celestial spectacle!

Early the next morning there was a total eclipse of the Moon. I climbed out of my warm bed (one of my Joys!) in the dark and went to sit in my warm car at the Walmart parking lot, which is at a higher elevation and offers a great deal of open sky. (Despite the darned lights!). Rising early rewarded me with seeing the Earth’s shadow cover the last quarter of the Moon, before the red disc slowly descended in the sky. Another Joy! The Western sky was still dark when I started home. It was only as I started driving that I realized the Eastern sky was beginning to lighten for Sunrise.

Those are certainly more Earth events than I normally enjoy in 18 hours, but oh, each one was precious, special, and joyful. We live on an incredible planet. May our hearts soften in gratitude and may we be moved to care for the abundance which surrounds and supports us.

As I consider the joy these moments brought, I realized that I need more of this in my life. I need to expose myself to the Joyous abundance earth and nature and let it move my heart to Peace. Let me commit to you here that I will do more of this. I will continue to allow Joy to keep me strong, centered and moving in Peace.

What softens your heart in gratitude and moves your heart to Peace? What will you commit to in this glorious moving-toward-Winter Season? How will you join me in experiencing Joy and Peace?

Salaam, Shalom, Peace. Blessed be.